Celestial Citizen Ep. #312: Architecting an Equitable Space Future

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Michal Ziso to talk about space architecture, gender equality in the built environment, and how space innovations can inform better design here on Earth as well.

Michal Ziso

Michal is a futurist, equality activist and space architect, creating the future of the built environment on earth through space innovation. Michal is the founder and CEO of ZISO Architecture + Innovation Lab and The Sleep Space, an early stage SpaceTech startup. With over a decade of experience designing skyscrapers and innovative large scale projects, Michal is also an Advisory Board Member of Moon2Mars Ventures and Earth & Beyond Incubator. Michal promotes democratization of access to space and is a global scale trailblazer for human centered design of space environments via collaborations with NASA, ISA (Israel Space Agency), UNOOSA (United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs) group Space4Women, and more.

A special shout-out and thank you to our lead sponsor this season, Multiverse Media Group! For more information about Multiverse Media Group and their recent documentary, The High Frontier, check out https://thehighfrontiermovie.com/.



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