Celestial Citizen Ep. #211: Resetting the Future

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Dr. Claire Nelson to discuss how humanity can pivot from pandemic and crisis into a bright and flourishing future both on Earth and in space by shifting to a mindset rooted in sustainability.

Dr. Claire Nelson

Dr. Nelson has been actively engaged in the business of international development for more than twenty-five years. She works in the area of project development and management, with a particular focus on private sector development. A renaissance woman, she is a development engineer, social entrepreneur, and futurist.

Dr. Nelson is the first Jamaican woman to earn a doctorate degree in an engineering discipline and was the only Black student in her graduating class. Dr. Nelson holds industrial engineering degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Purdue University, as well as a doctorate in engineering management from George Washington University.

She is the founder and president of the Institute of Caribbean Studies, Chief Ideation Leader at the Futures Forum, and Lead Futurist at the Center for Sustainable Futures at Morgan State University.

Dr. Nelson is recognized as a White House Champion of Change, and sought after as a speaker on issues pertaining to economic development, globalization, and issues concerning the Caribbean and its people.

Dr. Nelson recently authored the book, SMART Futures for a Flourishing World: A Paradigm Shift for Achieving Global Sustainability, which is discussed at length in this episode and available now for purchase.

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