Celestial Citizen Ep. #204: Songs & Sounds of Space

This week, we have a special episode with Chelsea “Foxanne” Gohd ahead of the September 10th release of her upcoming single, “I Could Go On,” which will be brought along to space on the upcoming Inspiration4 mission on September 15th! And we are super excited to provide listeners of the podcast with a special sneak preview of the single today ahead of its release!

Chelsea “Foxanne” Gohd

On this episode, we’ll discuss Foxanne’s path to becoming a space musician, how her work speaks to some of the big, unanswered questions of human existence, and the role music will play in building a future space culture.

Chelsea is a senior writer at Space.com, where she writes articles and creates, scripts, and hosts videos about science topics ranging from climate change to exoplanet exploration and human spaceflight. She is also an analog astronaut, having completed an analog Mars mission, Sensoria M2, at HI-SEAS in 2020.

Chelsea is also a musician and writes, performs and records indie-pop music under the pseudonym Foxanne. As Foxanne, she released her debut full-length record in 2020, titled “It’s real (I knew it),” named after an iconic scene from the hit sci-fi film Galaxy Quest. The album features a number of space-y Easter eggs, including audio from the OA-9 rocket launch, a 2018 cargo mission that launched from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, and a song written from the perspective of NASA’s Opportunity rover.

Following this album, in 2021, she released “Hello, Mars,” a song featuring the first audio recorded on the surface of Mars, recently captured by NASA’s Perseverance rover.

And tomorrow, she will release her upcoming single “I Could Go On,” an expressive, cosmic, indie pop-and-soul tune that uses an upbeat vibe to convey a message about struggling to try and find meaning in existence.

The song, which includes subtle nods to space and science, will be released alongside a music video filmed at the Liberty Science Center’s planetarium. The song will even go to SPACE! The single will ride along to space on the personal playlist of Foxanne’s friend Dr. Sian Proctor, an astronaut who will bring the song on her upcoming mission to Earth’s orbit, known as Inspiration4.

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