Celestial Citizen Ep. #113: Deconstructing the Legacy of Colonization in Space

On this week’s episode, I sit down with two space lawyers to discuss the legacy of colonization in outer space, the role that international treaties have played historically on this topic, and how we can commit to an anti-colonial mindset going forward.

Julia Malette

One of the guests on this episode is, , a life-long space enthusiast and a practicing attorney in the United States. Julia graduated from the George Washington University Law School with high honors in 2019. During law school, Julia was a finalist at the 2018 North American rounds of the Manfred Lachs Moot Court and interned at the FCC Satellite Division. Julia has also worked with the Satellite Industry Association, as a consultant researcher with LMI Advisors, and is a member of the Maryland Bar. Julia is also currently the Internship Coordinator for the .

Mclee Kerolle

I was also joined by, , a graduate of the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Leiden University where he wrote his Master’s thesis on the regulation of commercial spaceports worldwide. He also served as the Executive Secretary for the Space Generation Advisory Council and is currently an active member of the Diversity Action Team for (EAGLE) Effective and Adaptive Governance for a Lunar Ecosystem. Mclee is the Program Director for the Caribbean Space Society, a working group of the Institute of Caribbean Studies that aims to establish a unified Caribbean Space Agenda. In addition, Mclee serves as the Director of International Outreach and Diversity for the .

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